Demystifying Golf Skort Lengths

Demystifying Golf Skort Lengths

The question we get asked the most by our customers is “How long does my golf skort need to be?”. Our advice is "Whatever length you want it to be!" We know that this answer may surprise you, so here is our team's explanation regarding the different types of golf skort lengths to help you shop for your next of first golf game.

Golf skorts can range from shorter 14-inches skorts to longer to-the-knee styles that can be as long as 22-inches. But the sweet spot for most women is somewhere in the middle. That’s where we get the magic number of 18”, the default length everyone refers to as ‘Club Length”. But these days, not everyone plays golf at private clubs, so the key is finding a golf skort that fits YOUR personal needs. 

If you shop online, you'll see website call the length of the skort either as 'length' or 'outseam' as we like to call it, both mean the same thing. It's the measurement from the top of the skort waistband to the hem. 


Determine If the Club Enforces a Dress Code

If you are Public and semi-private courses are more lenient with their dress code rules, but if you are playing a private club, we recommend calling the pro shop and asking what their dress code is.

If you are playing a club that requires your skort to be ‘club appropriate’, that means it cannot be shorter than 4” above the middle of your knee. You may also be told it can’t be shorter than mid-thigh. Either way, someone who is 5’ 3'' is going to require a different length skort than a woman who is 5’10”. So it’s important to know what that length means for your height.


Identify Your Personal Preferred Skort Length


1. Grab a Fabric Measuring Tape

Are you playing a club that requires a ‘club appropriate’ length? Then measure the length from the point on your body where you like to wear your skorts (where the top of the waistband would be) to the point on your body that is 4” above the middle of your knee. That’s the minimum skort length you’ll need. So if you wear a skort that meets that length requirement, you’ll be just fine.

If you’re hitting the links at your local muni or semi-private club that does not enforce a golf dress code, use the same process but pick a spot on your thighs (or leg) where you prefer your skorts to come to. That’s the length you should look for. It’s that simple.

2. Measure Your Favorite Skort

We all have that go-to skort that we love wearing. It just feels good and the length is perfect. So, pull your favorite golf skort out of the closest and measure the length from the top of the waistband to the bottom hem. This is always the fastest and easiest way to determine your favorite skort length.

3. Waistband Rise

Just when you think you found the perfect length, we need to talk about the rise. Have you ever had two skorts that are the same length, but fit totally different? Variations in rise can make an 18” skort fit very differently on your body. Knowing what rise you regularly wear will help you select the proper fitting skort.

Knowing where your natural waist is, is important. It’s the most narrow point below your rib cage.

  • Higher rise skorts can make your 18” skort feel shorter. The waistband is usually just above your belly-button. So if you love high rise skorts but need a ‘club appropriate’ length you may need a longer length than usual.
  • Classic mid-rise skorts usually sit at your natural waist and are the most common and preferred rise for golf skorts. If you stick with mid-rise skorts, you’ll have the most consistency across styles.
  • Contemporary low-rise sits below the natural waist. Many times can make an 18” skort fit longer than a higher-rise skort. In this case, you may want a shorter length.

At the end of the day, you need to wear styles that make you feel comfortable and confident on the course. Don’t worry about what everyone else is wearing. Wear styles that meet your physical and fashion needs. We have to stop dressing for others and start dressing for ourselves.